new compact size wifian

WiFiAn? Wi-Fi + Antenna

  • 1. No Expensive / No Slow 3G
  • 2. USB memory can be used as network storage
  • 3. USB memory can be used as media server.
  • 4. Small and Light / Mobility

WiFiAn Wireless Router

Complies with 802.11n for Wireless LAN
Size : 2.1 x 0.9 x 0.6(inch) Weight : 0.02(lb)
System Requirements
Supports OS : Windows XP,Vista,7

  • WiFiAn-mini Wireless Router / AP / Media Server
  • WiFiAn-auto Auto Installation / Wireless Router / AP / Memory Adapter / Media Server

1. Makes a wireless Internet zone at any place.

Once WiFiAn is inserted to the USB port of an internet-connected computer, it provides fast and free wireless internet service for smartphones and portable devices anytime and anywhere.

  • At home Wi-Fi
  • Smartphones Wi-Fi
  • At office Wi-Fi

2. Wireless Router + USB Flash Drive, Only one is enough for now.

Using a USB flash drive with wireless router feature, no need to carry a flash drive.

MicroSD Card Slot

WiFiAn-Auto 만의 기능. Use a MicroSD up to 2TB.

3. My PC as a Media Server

Unlimited capacity of smartphone. Support download viewer and upload features without  Internet connection

  • cam notebook wifian
  • Browsing files, View text/image, Video Streaming, Download files
  • 스마트폰
  • PC’s image and text files can be viewed immediately for Smartphones such as iPhone and Androidphone. Video files can be converted and played thru streaming
  • Browsing files, Videos, Images